Hi, I’m Alicia.

Welcome to the NHC Alumni Directory! I’m the creator of this site as well as an NHC Florida Alum who served at River Region Human Services from 2016-2017. Between tagging along with my Navy boyfriend and a desire to see the world outside of Wisconsin, I’ve also lived in Minnesota, Montana, DC, South Carolina, South Korea, New York, Connecticut, and Virginia. I’m now in my mid 20s with a messy resume but decent networking skills. Because when I move to a new city, I don’t usually have time to shotgun my resume at every public health organization I can find or wait for monthly meetups to align with my schedule.

I built this site because I believe in networking. Networking is not just standing near the stale cookies at a lunch & learn and listening to people humblebragging (though that works sometimes!). Networking is any activity that helps you find 1) fulfilling work and 2) meaningful friendships. And if you’re passionate about health equity, then there’s a few people I’d love to introduce you too…

National Health Corps Alumni is a community of ~1,000 passionate, service-minded public health professionals. We are in our 20s, 30s, and 40s. We are nurses, doctors, teachers, nurse practitioners, politicians, administrators, and students. We live in at least 10 states and 3 countries. But we all spent 1700+ hours improving health education and access in either Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, or North Florida. As my hero Sargent Shriver says, “Of all of our ideals none surpasses the importance of service.” I hope you use this site to find others with common professional and personal goals, so we can get more things done together.*

*And also hire me when I finish my MPH

Thanks to Emily Ayers and my NHC Florida 2016-2017 team for getting this site off the ground!